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The Bird in a Balloon
December 23, 2014, 11:40 PM - Permalink | 0 Blossom[s]

"Knock knock!" on the wall,
Expectation within the call,
To hold and brace for impact,
Be calm and don't overreact.

Endless years of stress,
Caused this family to repress.
Mistakes and disagreements aside,
The ill victim's rules we abide.

The body tightens; breathing... stops
Eating is no longer a loving interest.
You start to wonder,"Will it digest?"
Thoughts flood your mind 'till it pops.

Reality is losing its grip on you.
Rationality is slowly slipping away,
And there's nothing you can do to stop
it; even if your whole being wants to

Anxiety is like a bird in a deflating balloon,
You keep telling it to breathe, to live on
But the air continues to slip away.

Anxiety can be a sneaky enigma.
Like a broken light switch,
It turns on and off on a whim.
Almost like a mocking "Ha!"

There is no promising treatment for this.
You try your very best to be supportive,
But it's the same as telling that bird to live.

Anxiety is everything about how you think,
And nothing about how to solve problems.
So how do you solve a problem,
That only knows how to create them?




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